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Network Engineer

Posted 25 Nov 2016

J&F Plaza

Tokyo (Engineering)

As a network support engineer, you'll be responsible for maintaining the systems that allow organisations to function and communicate, both internally and externally, on a daily basis.

Tasks may include upgrading the company's communications infrastructure or installing a new system. Specific projects will vary.

As a network support engineer you'll be responsible for designing, installing and maintaining the communications, file sharing and general IT resources used by the organisation.

It's your job to ensure internal networks have the capacity to meet business demands. This can include making sure everyone can log onto the system without it crashing or making sure the network has the capacity to carry multimedia files (certain businesses, such as architects' offices, rely on this in order to function efficiently).

The typical daily tasks of a network support engineer include:

• Installing new software • Installing new hardware (servers, printers, computer workstations, etc.) • Setting up user accounts, permissions and passwords • Overseeing security of all systems, especially the internet, and installing antivirus protection • Fixing network faults • Network maintenance • Technical support for people using the network • Training staff on new systems • Day to day admin and monitoring of network use • Planning future improvements, suggesting IT solutions to business problems • Making sure all IT meets industry standards • Supervising helpdesk staff • Installing/Configuring Switches in Cisco. • IP Telephony

Required skills As well as an in depth knowledge of technology, please have the following attributes to become a network support engineer:

• 2-3 Years of Experience (HANDS ON!) • CCNA (preferred) • Good at problem solving • Good at organizing and multitasking • Able to explain technical problems in a simple terms • Work well with people • A dedication to continually update knowledge • A clear understanding of the employer's particular systems • In depth knowledge of the four network types (LAN, WAN, MAN and GAN) • Japanese (N2-N1) • English Low

Entry requirements 2-3 years of Network experience (Switches, Routers, etc.) in a cisco environment.

We are also looking for IP Telephony network engineers and Firewall (Juniper/Cisco) SALARY SCALES BASED ON EXPERIENCE AND CERTIFICATION


Training, Insurance, Unemployment, Pension

How to Apply

Please email with your resume (Japanese/English) and contact information