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Japanese Teacher in Viet Nam - up to 2000$ per month

Posted 24 Nov 2017

Hoang Long Company

Other (Education)

Recruitment Notice

Joan Ron Temporary Staffing & Construction Investment Co., Ltd. (Hoang Ron CMS) was founded on January 7, 2003 by the Hanoi Plan and the company registration certificate 0101328661 issued by the Ministry of Investment. For 15 years in the worker dispatching business, we continue to enhance the quality of service for our customers by educating them as the foundation of development with "trust" as the foundation of strong management, emphasizing long-term and strong cooperative relationships By smoothly resolving the benefits of both the dispatched workers and the workers, Hoang Ron CMS has become a top talent provider in Vietnam. We hope to cooperate with new partners who are responsible, active and enthusiastic about working.

● Recruiting position: Japanese teacher ● The number of people: 05 people ● Outline of work:

  • Teach students Japanese and living.
  • Management of students' attitudes and consciousness.
  • List of classes
  • Make students' cards.
  • Preparation of teaching materials, test questions, scoring of tests.
  • Create a report and submit it to the administrator of the Japanese center.
  • Storage of student test results.
  • Update daily information bulletin board
  • Update of student's grade display board (once a week)
  • Treat the students who violated the rules. Please report directly to the administrator and cooperate in case of exceeding authority.
  • Do other work under the direction of your boss. (Detailed job content at interview). ● Condition:
  • Japanese citizenship, over university graduates.
  • The person who owns a teacher's license.
  • Have at least 5 years of educational experience (Prioritize those with educational experience to interns) ● treatment:
  • Payable consultation available.
  • In-house meals, dwellings will be provided.
  • Bonuses by company regulation are provided on holidays.
  • Other welfare etc. according to the country, corporate regulation etc. ● Working hours: Weekday (8: 00-12: 00 in the morning; 13: 00-17: 00 pm) ● Documents to be submitted:
  • Japanese resume
  • Copy of the university graduate certificate (legitimized by consular)
  • Copy of approval letter of 5 years experience (legitimized by consular)
  • Medical examination (at the hospital designated by the VIET PHAP hospital or the Ministry of Health and Welfare to obtain a work permit); those currently in Japan should submit it later.
  • Copy of Japanese judicial resume (legalized by consular)
  • a copy of passport Please be sure to fill in the position to submit in documents to be submitted, send an email or bring it directly to us.

How to Apply

Send your CV in Japanese to